Insurance for the Wild

When the 'what if's' crawl into your thoughts, they affect the enjoyment of a trip. 'What if I'm not covered for this?' most frequently snaked into mind. Subtly, but present nonetheless. Stories of friends missing the fine print, or companies leaving terms vague enough exploit, made me feel sick. 

I want to ride with a clear mind, and I'm beyond stoked that Northman is enabling just that. 
With 'Insurance For The Wild' written across their homepage, it's obvious that they're doing something different. They know what you're out there doing, because they're out there doing it too. This means you don't have to go home and shower before getting checked out. Competing? Covered. Base-Jumping? Covered. Ferret Legging? I don't even know what that is, but it's covered. 

Check them out.

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