Rowan's Law

The only reason we should be chanting, ‘shake it off,’ is if we’re singing along to T-Swift. And if that’s the case, sing it sista!

But it’s spit out of the mouths of far too many of us in sport. Athletes take a spill, and are encouraged toughen up. No blood? Get back in there!

I'm guilty of mumbling, 'I'm good' without a second thought after crashing. Broken bones are fairly obvious, but our recognition of concussions is far from perfect.

Rowan’s law will change that. If passed, education and guidelines will reach athletes, parents, coaches, and teachers.

This is huge.

There are tools and support available now but it’s often found in a reactive measure to treat concussions. Be proactive.

Voting on Rowan’s Law is expected to take place next month. In the meantime, get your baselines done ;)

Play safe,