Thank you.

From first time I pulled a Tuf Rack/Transition jersey over my head back in 2011, I knew I was part of something pretty rad. That team has since dissolved, but my relationship with Transition continued to grow. Stoked on the bikes and the guys behind them, I was proud to join their team for 2015. 

With the Transition gents behind me and their bikes underneath me, this past season has been phenomenal! Between teaching for Joyride150, the Whistler Bike Park, Arbutus Routes, and the Gold Rusch Tour, and volunteering for CWX Rotorua, the BC Bike Race, and the Phat Wednesdays, and that time I was a 'Pro Men', 2015 is going to be hard to top.

I cannot thank Transition enough for the opportunities that have unfolded since putting on that jersey in 2011. I will not be riding on the Transition team for 2016, but their playful, fun-loving energy will continue to influence and inspire my riding. 

Cheers guys, 
<3 T

Trish BromleyComment